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District Information     Cambridge School District #432J  40 N. 4th Street   PO Box 39    Cambridge, ID  83610

Cambridge School District 432J was established in 1913, almost 10 years after the founding of the City of Cambridge itself. Built to serve the many families who moved into the area for the mining, farming and ranching opportunities, the CSD school board is made up of several long-time residents. 


Originally home of the Cambridge Bulldogs, dwindling numbers in recent decades caused the athletic clubs to combine with Indian Valley and Midvale creating the Tri-Valley Titans.  


Guided by Superintendent Anthony Butler since 2019, the district does more with less in order to bring Cambridge and Indian Valley students a 21st century education.  Thanks to a hardworking and generous staff, as well as an amazingly supportive community, we are proud of what our students have accomplished in the classroom, at FFA competition, and in athletic events!

Katelyn Papineau Business Manager

Phone 208-257-3321

Fax 208-257-3323


The district office, located in the middle-high school, is open Monday through Thursday. Please feel free to drop in or call if you have questions or need information.

Trustee Information


Zone 1: Expires 2027

 - Kelly Sprague

Zone 2: Expires 2025

 - Pam Schwenkfelder

Zone 3: Expires 2027

 - Timothy Ferguson

Zone 4: Expires 2027

 - Christy Crocco (Chair)

Zone 5: Expires 2025

 - Melissa Noah (Vice-Chair)

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Employment Opportunities


The Cambridge School District does not support or promote any Critical Race Theory (CRT) information being taught to our students and although some curriculum companies may support CRT, the curriculums we are using is prior to the big push for the CRT.


The Cambridge School District stands neutral in any political stance our curriculum may attempt to take. It is our view that our job is to teach students to think, not what to think.

Below is the recommendation from the ELA curriculum committee that was presented to the school board on July 19, 2021. One parent on the committee was selected by the committee to write and give the recommendation to the school board.

Recommendations to the Cambridge school board.

As a member of the community, and a parent who has children enrolled in the Cambridge school district, I was invited to sit on a committee to visit with teachers and community members about our current ELA curriculum.

As a committee we discussed several different company's curriculum and compared it to what we are currently using. We have came to the conclusion, with help from our kindergarten through 8th grade teachers that our current ELA curriculum (Open Up Resources) is still the best choice for us kindergarten through 2nd grade. However we have decided that Engaged New York would be a good move for our 3rd through 8th grades. We chose Engaged new York because it was very close to the Open Up Resources curriculum but without the politics. Our kids have excelled on Open Up Resrouces and since they are very similar, it felt like a safe choice academically and an easy transition for our teachers.

With this decision we realize the Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been a major push from our current ELA curriculum company; however the curriculum we are currently using is from 2017, so CRT does not have a major influence in our curriculum such as today’s EL Education Curriculum.

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