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Principal Notes for 11/3/14

Congratulations go out to our FFA Environment and Natural Resources team for placing twelfth at the national convention! Ryan Kindall placed as the twelfth high individual, and Bret Kindall placed as the third high individual in the nation! The team received a gold award for their performance as did individuals Bret Kindall, Ryan Kindall, and Nicholas Petitmermet. Valery Kindall received a silver award. Many hours went into preparing for this event, and it paid off!

As the saying goes, there is no rest for the wicked. With the completion of our fall athletic season, winter seasons begin right away. Girls’ basketball practice began on Monday of this week. Boys’ basketball practice will begin Friday, November 14, and wrestling practice will begin Monday, November 17. If your son is interested in wrestling or basketball and did not participate in football, please have him contact the high school office for appropriate paperwork.

On Wednesday of this week, the majority of our juniors and seniors traveled to Treasure Valley Community College to attend the Professional Technical open house. Students were exposed to information on agriculture, aviation, welding, wildland fire management, and many other topics.

We will be celebrating Veteran’s Day with an assembly at 11:00 on November 11 at the flag pole outside the high school building. All are welcome to attend.


If your child is planning to take the ACT in December, the deadline to register for that test is Friday, November 7. The test will be given at Cambridge High School on Saturday, December 13.

Principal Notes for 11/10/14

For those of you who are interested, the big schedules for basketball season have been delivered. You can pick up a copy at either high school office, or we will have some available at our first home games.  I always have to chuckle to myself when new schedules come out because an often asked question is, “Will there be any changes?” I chuckle because in nearly twenty years of being an athletic director there has rarely been a schedule that remained the same from the beginning of the season to the end. Teams have kids get sick or hurt and end up having to cancel a JV game, or bad roads may mean postponing a game. When changes are made to the schedule, we try our best to notify people of the change, but doing so can be a difficult task. We recently became aware of a website that will help in notifying fans of changes in the schedule. Our schedules have been entered into If you choose to register at this site, we can push notification of a change in the schedule via text or e-mail. Register for the site!

We have some pretty cool stuff going on in our classrooms. Our environmental science class is learning how to utilize all aspects of a butchered animal.  Last week, students rendered the fat from killed animals and made soap. This week, they watched a brain from a pig be removed from the skull and will use the brains to tan hides. Our food science class is learning about yeast breads and made pretzels and breadsticks this week.


As mentioned earlier, boys’ basketball practice will begin on Friday of this week. Wrestling practice will begin Monday, November 17. The girls’ basketball team will have their first games next week. They will travel to Weiser on Thursday, host Notus on Friday and McCall-Donnelly on Saturday.

Principal Notes for 11/17/14

Our girls’ basketball teams will begin having games this week.  They are scheduled to have games on Thursday at Weiser. They will host Notus in Midvale on Friday and McCall-Donnelly on Saturday. The first game for the boys will be December 3 against Compass Charter. In the classroom, the lifetime fitness class has begun a unit on archery. At the end of the unit, students will have their archery certification completed for bow hunting. The bands have begun working on Christmas music for the upcoming concert.

Thanksgiving center pieces are available from our floral shop. Please call the high school office to place your order. They will soon be taking order for Christmas wreaths and center pieces.

Freshmen agriculture students will be gone on Wednesday of this week to compete in the agriculture knowledge exam and the creed speaking contest. We wish these students the best of luck!


For accreditation purposes, we are required to have an external review every six years. We will have a team in our building on Wednesday and Thursday of this week to review our programs. Results from the review will be available at the end of their visit.

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