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Ms. Dunn

Special Education Teacher Pre K-12

After graduating from Midvale High School, I went off to college to pursue a career in education (not much of a surprise for a girl from a family of teachers.) After starting my college career, I decided that I would like to teach preschool aged children. I graduated from the University of Idaho in 1992 with a degree in child development. I spent the next five years working as a preschool teacher for the Ontario Head Start and the Northview Montessori schools. Along the way, I also spent some time as a part time special education aide for East Junior High in Boise. At this time, I began to think about going back to school and getting a degree in special education. In December of 2000, I received my certification in Elementary Education and Special Education from Boise State University.


In 2000 , I became the special education teacher for the Cambridge School District. I have loved becoming a member of the Cambridge community.

Anne Dunn

257-3311 ext. 138

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