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Mr. McMichael

Mr. McMichael

257-3311 ext 123

English Language Arts

Language and the arts have fascinated me since my first memory. With a poet/English professor father and high school art teacher mother, I was never without something interesting to read, look at, or listen to. Music captivated me early and I pursued it most strongly through high school and college, culminating in 1996 in a Ph.D. from Brown University focusing on American popular music. I taught at Brown, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Boise State before moving to the business world in 2001, eventually managing and co-owning an aviation equipment manufacturing company in Boise. 


I never lost touch with language and literature, though, and have written professionally in many forms, from technical writing to creative and freelance writing, as well as volunteering for non-profit organizations as a writer-editor. 


After a decade in the private sector I wanted to teach again. I realized that the most influential people to me ­ outside of my family ­ were my junior and high school English teachers. They helped me find the tools and interests in reading, writing, and research that have allowed me to succeed in everything I've attempted. So I earned my teaching credential and was fortunate to get hired by Cambridge Jr./Sr. High School. I am humbled by the opportunity to teach and learn with the impressive range of students,faculty and staff of Cambridge School District. 


Some of my wife's family members are originally from Mesa, Goodrich, and Indian Valley, and we feel truly blessed by the coincidence of opportunity to relocate to this awe-inspiring area. We love the outdoors (I¹m an avid bird and big-game hunter) and are excited to be a part of the wonderful community of people here

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