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Cambridge High School is pleased to offer students and parents the opportunity to check their student information and class grades online at the Schoolmaster Parental Access Support System (PASS). To access grades on Schoolmaster PASS, you must have the student ID (a 6-digit number) and the personal identification number (PIN) (a 5-character combination of letters and numbers), which you can obtain from the high school secretary.


To access PASS, you must key in the Student ID in the first box and the PIN in the second box. Once you have entered the correct information, then click on the radio button for the item you are interested in viewing (i.e., Attendance or Schedule/Progress). Your data should then show up in the blank frame.

To view grades, click on the radio button for Schedule/Progress, which pulls up the student's class schedule. From the class schedule, you will see links to the teacher's emails and links to the individual class progress reports. If you have questions about a specific progress report, please check with your student first and then feel free to contact the teacher via email.

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