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Principal Notes for 12/1/14


As I’m writing snow is falling, and it seems that winter may be on its way.  Christmas concerts are in the near future. The elementary Christmas show is scheduled for Thursday, December 11, and the bands Christmas concert is scheduled for Thursday, December 18.  Both events are a nice evening of entertainment, and we hope you will be able to join us.  Performances begin at 7:00.


The semester’s work in drama will be showcased at the drama presentation on Tuesday, December 9.  The drama class will be presenting Larceny and Old Lace.  The matinee will begin at 1:00 with the evening performance at 8:00.  There is no admission, and concessions will be available for purchase.  All are welcome to attend.


The economics class will be in Boise on Tuesday, December 9 to compete in the Economic Summit.  From the International Economic Summit website, “The International Economic Summit is teaching high school, university and even middle school students across the U.S. how to succeed in 21st century global jobs and careers. Teams represent the countries of the real world.  The goal is to raise the standard of living and succeed financially by using their skills in economics, finance, marketing, negotiating and creativity.”


The environmental science class is learning to utilize available resources.  These students are in the process of learning how to tan hides.  We are excited to see if their process is successful!


Just in time for the holiday season, the food science class is learning about sugars.  I’m guessing before the holiday break, they will be creating all kinds of tasty confections!


The basketball teams will be playing away this week.  The boys travel to Sawtooth Middle School to play Compass Charter on Wednesday, and the boys and varsity girls will travel to Halfway to play Pine Eagle on Thursday.  Next week will be a bit crazy. Thursday the boys travel to Notus.  Friday the boys will host Horseshoe Bend beginning at 3:00 in Midvale, and the girls will host Council in Cambridge beginning at 6:00.  On Saturday, the boys will host McCall-Donnelly beginning at 3:00 in Midvale and the girls will host Meadows Valley in Cambridge beginning at 6:00.


Principal Notes for 12/8/14


The floral class is making some beautiful wreaths and center pieces!  If you haven’t ordered one, you may want to consider doing so.  There are a variety of items they can make, so please call!


Some of our language arts classes have been studying how music is a language.  Most recently, students used the software “Garageband” to create music.  Once the music was created, students were asked to write a short essay explaining how creating the song might be similar to the writing process.  From the essays, it seems that some students were able to develop a deeper appreciation for the writing process.


As mentioned last week, we have Christmas programs in the near future.  The elementary program is Thursday of this week, and the high school program is next Thursday.  Both events are scheduled to begin at 7:00 in the high school gym.


Our semester is quickly coming to a close.  If your child has missing or incomplete work, teachers will be in the building the next two Fridays from 8:00 until noon to assist as needed.  Please encourage him or her to come in on Friday for some extra help. 


Last week I mentioned our crazy basketball weekend this week.  It has become a little less crazy.  There will be no freshman game on Saturday when our boys play McCall-Donnelly.  This means the JV game will begin at 3:00 with the varsity game to follow at approximately 4:30.  The varsity girls will play Meadows Valley on Saturday at 6:00 in Cambridge.



Principal Notes for 12/15/14


When preparing for a staff meeting last week, I realized that we had not yet selected students of the month for this year.  We were able to do so at our staff meeting on Friday.  Selections so far this year are:  September (overall good character) Jayden Mink and Brock Johnson, October (respect) Morgan Wood and Hyrum Southwick, November (trustworthiness) Grace Ertel and Ryan Kindall, and December (caring) Rylee Russell and Deonna Langford.  Congratulations to each of these students!


Our semester will end at noon on Tuesday, December 23.  There will be no lunch served that day.  The elementary semester will end at the end of the day December 18.


If your student is behind in work for the semester, opportunities to receive help from teachers are becoming limited.  Teachers will be available from 8:00 until noon on Friday, December 19 and before or after school by appointment.  Students may also use the time during third and fourth periods on Monday, December 22 to complete missing work if they choose.


If you know alumni from Cambridge or Midvale High Schools, please pass the word that the Nic Bauer Memorial Scholarship Alumni Games will be held on Saturday, December 27.  The women will play volleyball beginning at 6:00 with the men’s basketball game following at approximately 7:30.  This is a great opportunity to see long time friends and to support a great cause!



Principal Notes for 12/22/14


By the time this article is printed, we will be on Christmas break.  Classes resume on Monday, January 5, 2015.


We have a slight change in our basketball schedule.  On January 2, we will be hosting Pine Eagle in Cambridge.  Pine Eagle only has enough girls for one half of JV.  The schedule will be JV girls at 2:00, JV boys at 3:00, varsity girls at 4:30 and varsity boys at 6:00.


As a reminder, the Nic Bauer Memorial Scholarship Alumni games will be played Saturday, December 27 at the Cambridge High School gym.  The women will play volleyball at 6:00 followed by the men’s basketball game at approximately 7:30.  All alumni of Cambridge and Midvale High Schools are welcome to participate.  All are welcome to attend to support a great cause!


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