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Mrs. Johnson


Cara Southwick-Johnson

257-3311 ext. 123

When I was in 7th Grade I entered a speech contest with the theme, "When I grow up I want to be..." After exploring several possible career options I concluded that I most wanted to be a teacher, primarily because of the profound influence teachers had on me. Today, rather late in life, I feel I have come full circle to that conclusion in my speech so long ago in a most unexpected way.


I was born and raised in Riverton, Utah. I graduated from Bingham High School, "Home of the Miners." Then it was on to college at Southern Utah State Collage in Cedar City, Utah where I pursued a degree in English with a Theater Arts minor. At the end of my sophmore year I married Richard G. Southwick, Jr., and with this change of responsibilities I left my schooling unfinished and devoted myself to home and family as a stay-at-home mom. This role kept me busy raising our 10 children, and I loved it.


In August of 2006, life changed dramatically when my husband suffered a massive heart attack and died. Suddenly, I was in need of a job to keep home and family going financially. I took the opportunity of finishing my degree through Eastern Oregon University and received my Bachelor's of Science degree with a double minor in English and Theater Arts in 2008. That summer I began my master's program in Teacher Education and was offered a teaching job at Cambridge High School that fall. I am happy to report that I received my master's degree the fall of 2010 along with my teaching licensure in Oregon and Idaho in English, Speech/Communications, and Theater Arts.


With my recent marriage to Bob Johnson I decided to once again devote myself to home and family and resigned as a fulltime teacher and teaching only drama.  Thanks to all for allolwing me the privilege of still being a small part of the educational process.


On a personal level, it is exciting to be a part of the educational process and explore a variety of teaching methods that will engage students and help them discover a thirst for a lifetime of learning. I truly believe that the voice of life does call each of us to come and learn. I invite every student to answer that call with full determination and realize all life has to offer.

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