Mrs. Jodie Mink, Agriculture and Business

jminkMrs. Mink enjoys the challenge of each day. She loves to push students to reach huge accomplishments in the classroom and in FFA activities. She hopes that a little of her influence allows students to achieve large goals that they have set for themselves and for FFA CDE teams. She also enjoys coaching FFA Career Development Teams to complete both at district, state, and national levels.

Mrs. Mink grew up in Hollister, Idaho, a very small town of less than 100 people close to the Nevada border. She attended Hollister Elementary school until 7th grade. Her classes were always combined with another grade, and often included less than 8 kids per class. She later graduated from Filer High School and then attended the University of Idaho.

She did not attend college to be a high school teacher. Mrs. Mink went to college with the goal of entering veterinary school at WSU. After three years of hard work, She changed her mind, and completed an animal science degree. She attended the University of Idaho and received a bachelors of science in animal science- agribusiness with minors in communications and public relations. She went on to complete a master’s degree in Agricultural Education with emphasis on distance learning.

She met and married her husband, Justin at the University of Idaho. The Minks have three boys, Jayden (b. 2000), Jarret (b. 2003) and Jace (b. 2007).

After graduation, Mrs. Mink worked for the University of Idaho as a distance instructor and adviser at the Twin Falls Distance Education site. She taught classes, helped students with classes and transfer agreements and worked with Ag Education teachers around the state to coordinate workshops. She also was involved in her family’s ranch in Hollister. After moving to Cambridge in 2003 she worked for the University of Idaho for many years doing workshop training for high school ag teachers. She also became employed with the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission and did teacher workshops around the state.

In the fall of 2010, Cambridge High School needed a science teacher and Mrs. Mink started part-time teaching science. She enjoyed the classroom and moved to full time a few years later and then ultimately to the ag teacher position in 2014.

Mrs. Mink enjoys being outdoors, camping and hiking. She also enjoys working with her husband and kids on the family ranch. She loves taking pictures and thoroughly enjoys watching her students compete in sports related activities.