Mr. Cole Cooper, Social Science and Jr. High

ccooperMr. Cooper says, “School is the one place where we share ideas purely for the sake of bettering ourselves. The only way to know what is going to happen in the future is to study the past; that is why the subjects of History, Government, and English are important. Besides, my acting career never really took off….”

Mr. Cooper is originally from Homedale, Idaho where he graduated in 2003. He then accepted an athletic scholarship to play football at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. He eventually moved his young family to Denton, Texas where he earned three bachelor’s degrees in the areas of History, Poli-Science, and Education with an emphasis on Demography (the study of human population).

Mr. Cooper has been married to his beautiful and intelligent wife, Crystal, since 2009. She is an RN at Weiser Memorial Hospital. They have no children yet but are planning on increasing their family soon.

Mr. Cooper started a heating, cooling, and refrigeration business when he was 21 years old and ran it with his family for almost five years. He then took a job managing a Home Depot in Texas for the next five years until he finally gave in to becoming a teacher.

Mr. Cooper had two amazing teacher/coaches in high school that guided him back to his dream of becoming an educator. He says, “I finally got to a point where I wanted teach when I began to realize that my job had no lasting impact on a person’s life. I also read a baffling statistic on a US Government website that stated that 2% of all High School graduates will understand our Constitution and the historical value behind the laws. So then I cut ties with the Corporate world and shook hands with the honorable and rewarding career of becoming a teacher.” Teaching gives Mr. Cooper the opportunity to mold a child’s brain into learning new concepts, developing their own ideas and opinions, and coming alongside their parents or guardians to watch them grow to be contributors to our societies; not just in Cambridge, but possibly around the world.

This is Mr. Cooper’s first teaching position and he hopes to teach here in Cambridge for many years. He says that he has fallen in love with the atmosphere that Cambridge provides. He also loves to watch and cheer on the Tri-Valley sports teams.

Apart from school, Mr Cooper really enjoys watching college and high school football, not as a “die hard” fan of one team, but simply enjoys watching any game with an enormous amount of chips and salsa. Another of Mr. Cooper’s hobbies is music. He plays guitar, bass guitar, and piano moderately. Mr. Cooper is also a huge outdoors-man when it comes to fishing, hunting, trail riding with his horse, or hiking with his wife.