Cambridge School District 432

Mission and Purpose Statement ~ Vision Statement ~ Core Beliefs ~ Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Cambridge School District 432 was established in 1913, almost 10 years after the founding of the City of Cambridge itself. Built to serve the many families who moved into the area for the mining, farming and ranching opportunities, the CSD school board is made up of several long-time residents.

Originally home of the Cambridge Bulldogs, dwindling student numbers in recent decades led to the combination of athletic clubs with Indian Valley and Midvale creating the Tri-Valley Titans. Together we are Titan Strong!

Guided by Superintendent Ed Schumacher since 2007, the district does more with less in order to bring Cambridge and Indian Valley students a 21st century education. Thanks to a hardworking and generous staff, we are proud of what our students have accomplished on the playing field and in the classroom!

Mission and Purpose Statement

Mission: The mission of Cambridge School District is to guide students, through education, to the knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible and productive citizens, workers and life-long learners.

Our purpose through the cooperation of students, parents, teachers and community is to create a safe, inspiring, challenging, and supportive learning experience that encourages the pursuit and achievement of excellence.

Vision Statement

Cambridge will be the best school district in the country where:

  • Everyone takes pride in learning.
  • Learning extends beyond the classroom.
  • Learning is exciting and challenging.
  • Diversity is valued.
  • Integrity, respect, and other positive values abound.
  • Our community feels supported and is supportive.
  • Facilities and equipment are state of the art and technologically advanced.

Core Beliefs

The Cambridge Jr.-Sr. High School staff dedicates itself to following a set of core beliefs that provide a guise for dealing with student discipline. These core beliefs guide our attempts to individualize disciplinary procedures and to help students see reasonable connections between their behavior and the resulting consequences.
We believe that :

  • Every attempt should be made to maintain the dignity of both the adult and the student.
  • Students should be guided and expected to solve the problems they create without making problems for anyone else.
  • Students should be given the opportunity to make decisions and live with the results, whether the consequences are good or bad.
  • Misbehavior should be handled with natural consequences instead of punishments whenever possible.
  • Misbehavior should be viewed as an opportunity for individual problem solving and preparation for the real world as opposed to a personal attack on the school or staff.

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

The school is a community and the rules and regulations of a school are the laws of that community. All those enjoying the rights of citizenship in the school community must also accept the responsibilities of citizenship. Among the responsibilities of a school citizenship are respecting the laws of the community and the rights of other citizens. Each student is expected to contribute to the advancement of the community through cooperative conduct and personal acceptance of responsibility.